About the Research Project 

Colours of the Alphabet forms the heart of an innovative practice- based research project developed and produced over five years by two filmmaker-academics based at Newcastle University and the University of the West of Scotland. Early stage research and development support was also provided by the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Napier University.

The research project aimed to capture and reveal the complexities of our multilingual world, specifically focusing on ethnographic and linguistic anthropological perspectives of minority languages and education.

The project’s wider research aims were threefold:

  1. to highlight the importance of mother-tongue education globally
  2.  to explore the capacity of creative documentary filmmaking as a research methodology uniquely equipped to reveal the often unspoken relationship between language use and societal norms
  3. to investigate mutually beneficial structures to enable academic-film industry collaboration within feature documentary development, production, distribution and impact campaigning.

As well as the film, the filmmakers have published various articles related to the project. A list of which can be found below. 

For more information on the research surrounding the project, or for academic screenings, presentations or institutional copies of the film please contact screenings@coloursofthealphabet.com or contact the director through his Newcastle University profile. 

Selected published articles related to the project. 

And further article  exploring the film and themes of the project can be read at 



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