Reviews of the Film


  • Languages on the Move, Laura Smith-Khan

“Colours of the Alphabet delicately presents the complexities that Steward, M’barak and Elizabeth confront in their first two terms of primary education, in a classroom where the local language, Soli, has no place… This film is therefore an important one in drawing our attention to this very real and pervasive challenge, which is highlighted on International Mother Language Day.”

  • Across the Arts, Amy Taylor

‘poignant, touching and very amusing’

  • Education in the North, Jenifer Markides

“an eye-opening view into the experiences and challenges that millions of youth are facing in schools today”

  • Edinburgh Reporter, Keira Brown

“Interesting, relevant and wonderfully depicted “

  • The Sunday Herald, Teddy Jamieson

“There are 72 indigenous languages spoken in Zambia. In the classroom, however, pupils are taught in none of them. As a new Scottish film, The Colours of the Alphabet, reveals, English is the language of education in the country.”



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